About Us

Betty Croquer - CEO & Founder

Betty Croquer was an important actress, radio speaker, and lawyer in Venezuela at 80's decade. She was a fan of the chef profession as a hobby and she funded her first restaurant at 1989 in Caracas Venezuela. Since now she has been making a lot of well-related businesses like Chicha Croquer, Don Pan Key Biscayne, Toms NFL Bar Sport, Betty Croquer Venezuela, Betty Croquer Doral Isles and Tira.d.toss among others.

Email: bcroquer@bettycroquercorp.com

Edgar Gonzalez - Vice president & Co-funder

Edgar Gonzalez was a famous insurance broker between 1980 and 1995. Since then he has been the Betty Croquer's General Vice-president and co-funder; he was controlling all the finance in all the companies. Edgar is an amazing singer and he loves to make musical shows to the customers, so they give a strong plus to the business.

Email: egonzalez@bettycroquercorp.com

Karina Barbieri - Franchise and New Business Manager (Venezuela)

Karina is a lawyer and she is actually working for Betty Croquer Venezuela as Franchise and New Bussiness opportunity. She is responsible for all the operation in Venezuela Resturants.

Email: kbarbieri@bettycroquercorp.com

Francisco Gonzalez - Food and Drink Director

Francisco is well known as "Panchito". He is a lawyer and our Business Operation Manager. He is responsible for all the operations in our restaurant, including IT department. He has developed the business from 90's decade.

Email: fgonzalez@bettycroquercorp.com

Marialcira Saez - Business Administration Manager

Marialcira is a publisher and administration professional with a Master in marketing. She is pivot in the organization; she takes control of accountant and human resources.

Email: msaez@bettycroquercorp.com